Sunday, May 24, 2009

This ... Team ... SUCKS!

I may retract this later. But for now, this is my stance on the embarassingly pathetic offense that the Cubs have shown lately.

Aramis Ramirez is being missed more than anyone could have imagined. Scoring a total of three runs in the first five games of a road trip is something I wouldn't expect even from baseball's worst team (which right now is the Cubs). Averages are below .200. The hitters are making Cy Young contenders out of rookies with ERAs near 6.00. PATHETIC!

So, what does Pinella do to get them going? Might I suggest a taser? Or perhaps bringing up every AAA hitter who is doing well and either disabling or sending down the gross underachievers? Would that stir up these guys? Probably not, seeing as they will still be getting paid. PATHETIC!

It's too bad to see this much good pitching continue to go to waste because the offense refuses to do their jobs. PATHETIC!

I hope this week long vacation they took was worth it. Because they've sucked the life out of this ballclub and seriously make me wonder if they will win 40 games this year. They just don't seem to care anymore. I guess royally screwing with a 97-win team wasn't the smartest of moves, eh Mr. Hendry? PATHETIC!

Today, Ted Lilly not only sets out to pitch a perfect game, but he also knows he will probably have to hit a home run if he wants to get a win. PATHETIC!