Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Respect the Fans ... I Don't Respect the Haters

The rivalry between the Cubs and Cardinals goes back long before I was born. For the most part, it is a fun way to enjoy baseball, especially for the followers of each team. The heckling can be fun, and living in Springfield, IL, you see an almost 50-50 split between fans of the two teams. Seeing as we don't even have a minor league affiliate anymore (come on you lazy-ass Springfield bums, support a team!), we look at the two teams closest to us (nobody cares about the White Sox). Most Cardinal fans I know can take some good-natured ribbing, and understand that the Cardinals are not the Gods of Baseball. Most Cub fans I know love how well they have played over the last two seasons, but know that the Cubs are hardly a lock to win the World Series this year.

I respect most Cardinal fans who just like to poke a little fun here and there, then can take it in return when their team looks lousy. Here is what I cannot stand - Cub haters. These are not fans of any one particular team. Many select a rival of the Cubs in order to hate on Chicago. And for what? Does it make them feel superior? I know a few Cardinal fans who predict World Championships every year. I know Cardinal fans who tout the 2006 Cardinals - you know, the team of 83 wins who became the worst team to ever win a World Series - as the Greatest Team Ever. I know people who actually said that Anthony Reyes was a better pitcher than Carlos Zambrano because Reyes won a game in the Series. Really??? Love your team, but come on. Don't let your ignorant arrogance cloud that thing known as common sense.

I like to watch the internet stories in baseball, specifically the ones on the Cubs and Cardinals. I will post on the comments boards, especially the Springfield newspaper board. There are several regulars to the baseball stories, many of whom are fans of one team who heckle the other. I do that, and it's supposed to be in good fun. Unfortunately there are a few bad apples on both sides who try to ruin it for everyone else. While I do notice a couple of loud-mouthed Cubs fans who post often, the arrogance of several of the Cardinal fans on that board gets to a point, at times, where it is so laughable, I can't help but "point it out" so to speak.

PLEASE NOTE: these are serious posts from Cardinal fans. One such recent post suggested that the Cy Young in the National League would come down to Chris Carpenter, Kyle Lohse and Adam Wainwright. Albert Pujols has already been crowned 2009 MVP. One post stated "Will this team ever lose another game? This is scary!" Another hater said the Cubs would win no more than 70 games and be out of the playoff race by June 15. Come on. I can understand trying to be funny, but these goofs post stuff like this all the time. Some Cardinal fans are predicting a World Series championship because of their recent 5-game winning streak. Oh well. They will keep up the tradition of "Cardinal Arrogance", and I will keep responding as I see fit. But I won't slam anyone because of what team they choose to root for. Unless they are bandwagon fans, but those people don't even count.

The bottom line is this: every team will win at least 60 (well, maybe not Washington) and they will lose at least 60 (yes, Cardinal fans, your team WILL LOSE at least 60 games this year). What the teams do with the other 42 games will determine their fate this season.

Just my opinion.

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